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"Rain or Shine: Navigating Challenges and Embracing Magic on the Camino" Part Two

The Challenges:

Rain, relentless rain—it seemed to follow us every step of the way.

Should we push forward or wait it out? The constant uncertainty shadowing our minds. And then there were the practical concerns: would our gear hold up against the deluge? Were our shoes sturdy enough? And was my backpack truly waterproof?

Navigating the Camino wasn't just about the physical challenges; it was about managing the varied paces and needs of our group. Each of us carried our own ‘stuff’, processing our individual journeys amidst the collective struggle.

And let's not forget the futile search to hunt down that one fiery Padron pepper—a game of culinary Russian Roulette.

The Bright Spots: Oh so many...

But amidst the downpour, there were many more moments of embracing magic on the camino.

The scent of eucalyptus in the air as we walked through vast forests, reminding me of home. The lush and varied greens of the landscape, a constant and soothing balm for our souls.  

And then there were the connections forged with fellow pilgrims—moments of laughter, of helping each other out and solidarity that brought the true essence of the Camino to life.

Navigating muddy forest floors and seeking refuge and nourishment in cozy cafés where we could unburden ourselves of our wet weather gear and enjoy each other’s company, these were the moments that reminded us of the true essence of the Camino journey.

There were other unforgettable highlights: the heady scent and burst of orange blossoms lining the streets of Vigo, a reward after a particularly gruelling day; the poignant "letting go" ceremony in Padron, where we sat around the fire and let go of all that we chose to no longer carry with us, watching those pieces of paper burn into nothingness; and the awe-inspiring sight of rainbows stretching across the countryside, perhaps reminding us of connections to loved ones and something bigger than our current reality.

And then, finally, there was the joyous celebration at journey's end, after the Pilgrims Mass of course — a bottle of Cava uncorked by a lively waiter in a Tapas bar, a fitting tribute to the trials and triumphs of our Camino adventure.


My Personal Journey

Amidst all of this, each of us were uncovering our own profound lessons.

Balancing the needs of the group with moments of solitary reflection, I found myself confronting a powerful realization: the art of letting go. (Yes, It’s a Mindfulness Attitiude funnily enough).


It wasn't just about shedding the weight of rain-soaked gear or the burden of navigating group dynamics. It was about releasing the heavy mantle of responsibility that I had carried for so long—responsibility for others' emotions, experiences, and perceptions.


In a society where roles like mother, daughter, and guide come with their own expectations, finding the line between care and overburden can be difficult but crucial. Especially after walking away from a recent reality where I bore the weight of caring for my mother with dementia while juggling the demands of motherhood and daily life.


The Camino tested me in unexpected ways, presenting challenges that threatened to pull me back into that familiar cycle of responsibility. But with each step, I reaffirmed my commitment to letting go. With a heart full of good intentions and peace, I released what was not mine to carry, embracing the freedom that came with it.


So, to the Camino, I offer my heartfelt thanks. Thank you for allowing me to embrace your magic, the moments of connection that lifted me, and the lessons that will stay with me long after the journey's end.

And yes, I'm going back for more! It does that.. it's gets under your skin.

Here's our dates for 2025:

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