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Young Executive

Confident Driven Focused

Young Exec

There I was, a younger version of myself… full of energy, open minded and ready to jump in and start working with a company I believed in.


And I found one… this company excited me!


I loved their product in the health and wellbeing industry, and before they were even advertising any positions I contacted them. A role came up and it was between me and another more ‘clinically trained’ candidate.


The odds were against me, but I didn’t let that get me down… in fact, it made me even more determined and I did everything possible to show them that I was the one they truly needed.


It worked!


My ‘to-be’ manager told me she was so impressed with my sheer determination.  She could see how deep I was digging to get the result I was after, and she wanted someone on her team that could bring that attitude to the organisation.

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift & the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant & has forgotten the gift."

- Einstein

Pressure & Creativity

Innovative Flexible Intuitive


I had moved my way up to a Management position overseeing a high-performing sales team in a large Multi-National Company. I loved seeing them hit their KPI’s and supporting them. However things turned, and our team was under immense pressure due to global errors which we had little control over.


As a Manager, this was the hardest time I had experienced.  I knew that if I turned up as the regular me running our regular Sales Meetings I was going to lose them.


I knew they were feeling the pressure and that morale had dropped. Instinctively I decided to follow my gut rather than my head, and focus on the well-being of my team rather than the numbers. It pushed me to think outside of the box, get creative and trust myself ~ as I was under immense pressure myself.


It was time to mix it up.


Whilst we had many resignations nationally during that period, I managed to keep my team together, performing as best as they could, and with the least amount of fall out.


I succeeded! Many of my staff went on to win national awards, as well as one of 12 global awards within the organisation.  It was a super proud moment for me, and lead to new opportunities of managing other sales teams and becoming Head of Sales for another organisation.

My Heart Cracks Open

Awareness Reflection Responsibility


My story is one of achievements, strategy, and tenacity.  However, over time this level of operating, which looking back was somewhat manic, began to take its toll.


I was exhausted.


From working in this way for over 15+ years I was starting to feel the side effects and losing sight of what was important to me and why I was working so hard.

Cracks began to appear in my marriage, my kids were growing up so quickly, my health was suffering and the emptiness in my heart that I used to push down and ignore slowly became bigger and bigger. Finally, it all came crashing down in a pretty dramatic fashion as my marriage ended.

I learned a lot from that experience. Not only from that moment but also from the events leading up to that point.


Nothing is more important than listening to what is right for you, and believing that you can have what you dream about. It's very easy to be influenced by the outside world and wake up one day and think ~ "What have I created for myself?..."


Dissatisfaction and making choices from fear or obligation never endure the test of time. It doesn't mean that you have to pack everything in and start again, but it is indicating that some areas of your life need a closer look at to see if it needs tweaking, or in fact, letting go. 


It was at this time in my life when I decided to follow my heart and change direction. I went on to become Certified as a Wellness Coach, Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher, registered with IICT, and a Full Member of Meditation Australia which I can now combine with my wealth of experience and expertise in understanding what the world of a Corporate Executive looks like.


My purpose and passion is to help you before life events become too extreme and help you tune into your hearts calling,  because prevention is always much better than cure.

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