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Brain Fog · Burn Out · Financial Pressures · Relationships · Family · Work · Success · Deadlines · Stress · Anxiety · Incessant Mobile Checking · Overworked

No wonder you are tuning out..!

“CHOOSING to feel GOOD in the MOMENT rather than the continuous striving for the perfect balance is the secret to living a happier life”

Join Lisa & Colleen 

for our One Day Mindful Living & Meditation Retreat & learn how to stop the overwhelm of everyday life...

EARLY BIRD $147.00

(*Closes 31st October, Reg $197.00 ~ 15Seats MAX)


Venue: Ra'Yoga Room

4/12 Bicentenary Lane, Maleny

Dates: Sunday 24th November 2019

Time: 10.00am - 4:00pm


Venue: SoulSpace

23 Parker Street, Newmarket.

Dates: Friday 29th November 2019

Time: 10.00am - 4:00pm

Meals Provided:

Delicious morning & afternoon tea

Fresh healthy lunch

(*please notify when booking if you have any special dietary requirements)

 Retreat Tickets Also Include:

Special Surprise Gift!


With the crazy season approaching soon do you feel it is a race to the finish line?

The numerous Christmas gatherings, not to mention the deadlines, the staff rostering, the present shopping, the unhealthy temptations & who’s cooking the bleepin turkey?


And why does it always feel like a race to the finish line?

I’ll never understand that one!



I was recently talking to a colleague and he said:



“Today I’m just going to have to smash my adrenals and chug back a load of caffeine”

And whilst it was kinda hilarious in the moment, it was also a deeper insight into how many of us are functioning on a daily basis. It might be the mid-afternoon chocolate fix. It could be the sugar and caffeine hit from Pepsi, Coke or other energy drink.



All just to get through. Is that really how you want to live your life?


You might also be feeling any or all of these?

  • Pulled in all directions, stressed and over-worked;

  • The continuous 'sense of urgency' seems to be your best friend lately;

  • You feel like a slave to your mobile phone

  • You want to meditate, but you're always too tired;

  • You're craving more from life, but you're not sure what it is; or

  • You are feeling successful, however there is a part of you that feels empty.


It’s no wonder you might be tuning out occasionally with wine, internet surfing, shopping, Netflix....! It's very easy to be influenced by the outside world and wake up one day and think, "What have I created for myself? Is this my reality?"


​Nothing is more important than listening to what is right for you, and believing that you can have what you dream about. 


Join us to discover simple and practical tools that will allow you to:

  • Find more joy and happiness in your daily life;

  • Connect better with friends & family;

  • Experience less stress & anxiety; and

  • Navigate your emotional waves better.

  • Create a deeper connection to life

  • Be more productive without the burn out



Taking Back Control


  • To get different results, you have to do something different.

    • Simple.

  • Are you ready to make the changes necessary so you can stop going around in circles?

  • You’ve invested in holidays, homes, TV’s, Computers etc.

    • Isn’t it time to invest in yourself?

  • Life is precious and it is yours to live and enjoy.

    • Are you ready to live it?

We’ll share with you the tools and techniques that we know work. That can be implemented straight away to take your life from stuck to what you truly desire.

If this resonates with you, then join us for a day of discovering the answers and take action to living YOUR new reality.


Through the specific tools & techniques we will be sharing with you on the day, you'll be able to walk away with your own personalised road map and plan of how you’ll be able create this new reality.

This workshop is perfect for all levels of meditation understanding and practice. No matter if it's your first time or you are a regular meditator, you will walk away with new awareness and tools to put into your Mindfulness Toolkit.

No events at the moment


Life is a gift and there is no point in waiting for

external changes to happen to claim your happiness. 


"The retreat was the catalyst for a huge shift in consciousness which has radically transformed me. I have since found that my health, relationship, inner peace and overall confidence has shifted to a different level. I wholeheartedly recommend this experience to anyone on a personal journey to find their inner self.’

Mary Lewer, Australia


"I would like to thank Lisa for all her help in both my professional and private life. I can’t recommended Lisa more strongly to anyone. She has an uncanny understanding of people and the insight to be able to see the issues that are truly interfering with a persons thought process and/or ability to focus on a work life balance. Thank you Lisa."

Les James, Australia


"This workshop was designed for me. So many ways to de-stress, nurture & self care. Thank you for a lovely day."

Catherine, Australia


"Found the event was an enlightening experience on how to release negativity and in self love and healing."

Janette, Australia




Today's reality is yesterday's thought process...


Is your office ready for a breath of fresh air? Lisa not only brings with her qualifications & experience... she also has personality! Do not expect a 'beige' experience.

Lisa has a great sense of humour and will seamlessly ensure that you have a great time in any of her events, workshops or sessions.  As a Certified Executive Performance Coach & Meditation Teacher, her passion is supporting high performing Executives in and out of the office.

Lisa's purpose and vision is to assist individuals & teams find their voice, develop self awareness, tune into their unique abilities and create a fun & dynamic environment. 

A lover of wellbeing, mindfulness & a glass of good wine, she is all about balance. To be mindful, and start practicing meditation doesn't mean you have to convert to hippy status or give up the things you love. Quite the opposite, however what you do need to do is to make time for yourself.

After working as an Executive Manager for over 15 years, Lisa's own experiences showed her very clearly what does and doesn't work when it comes to loving what you do, feeling happy & enjoying what the world has to offer.

From running sales teams, coaching clients and teaching meditation (and occasionally cooking classes!), to create dynamic team building experiences, Lisa has always pushed the boundaries of what's possible in terms of personal & professional development.

Lisa Bali-80.jpg

Lisa W. Rich

Executive Performance Coach

Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher

After many years of juggling the roles of and striving for success as an Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother and student of personal and professional development I realized how many women, myself included were struggling with feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed out.


Being in this constant state of stress begins to take a toll on our relationships, health, happiness and our work or business.  Life doesn’t have to be this difficult.


I am passionate about sharing simple and practical strategies, tools and techniques that work to overcome the overwhelm, get us out of this constant stressed state and back to feeling happier, experiencing more connection in our relationships, having more energy, feeling younger and healthier and enjoying our work and life once again.

Head shot from Karen (2).jpg

Colleen Scott

Holistic Life Coach

Art Of Feminine Presence Teacher

Facilitator of Women’s Wisdom and Wellbeing Circles and Workshops

Essential Oil Educator and Business Mentor

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