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Rediscovering the Joy of Living Intuitively: Writing from the Heart.

Reflecting, reflecting … reflecting!


I can’t even remember the last time I wrote a blog.


You know.. I used to have this little labour of love – my SoulFood Journey blog, filled with travel insights and musings, recipes and all manner of observations, but when I completely lost the website and all my writings, I’ve since realised I lost the love and ability to write. Really write.


And then it became a chore.. a need. For business. For marketing. Not so much fun really.


But since I’ve been travelling, and when I have my ‘alone’ times, sitting in restaurants and cafes… it pours out. Scribbling away for hours.


One waiter highly entertained and amused by my constant download and outpouring of thoughts and observations. This restaurant in Alghero, Sardegna, became known as my ‘office’. 🤣


So now, I’m going to forget about ‘strategy’ and what I should be writing. I’m done with that. It saps all the joy out of the process of writing for me.


I mean this is an example. I didn't sit down with any intent to write this. I knew I wanted to write a blog entry.. but I thought it was going to be based around Mindfulness. I guess my subconscious had other ideas. And I'm okay with that. I love to do things intuitively. Even cooking – hence why it’s difficult for me to share recipes sometimes. For me, it’s like art.. I’m fully present and focussed so I don’t always remember what I do.


My canvas is the pot, my brushes are my utensils and my paints come in various forms of fragrant herbs and spices, colourful vegetables, stocks, meats, legumes and whatever I have on hand that day.


I like to live my life intuitively.


One thing this big adventure and the recent retreats have taught me.. is to be more me. More authentically me.


You see, after years and years of corporate life and perhaps a particular upbringing, I’m forever thinking about how things will be perceived,  how I’ll come across,.. judgements etc. BUT the biggest bit of constructive feedback I receive from my guests post retreats, is that people want MORE of what I truly love as well… but that for some strange reason I hold back on.


More of the cooking

More of the Meditation & Mindfulness

More Ritual


Less of the free-time that I thought you needed. (mind you you’re always welcome to just do your own thing at times).

I don’t know why I’m surprised by that but I am.

Maybe it’s because we’re all looking for a way to be more in tune with our own innate ability to live intuitively.

Whether that’s cooking or simply following our hearts with whatever it is that lights us up.


So I’m promising that I’ve heard you and will bring more of this moving forward.

And not just for you.. it’s a huge gift for me too.


It’s permission to be wholly me.

To fully share what it is I love.

That's liberating. That's freedom.


Which does actually lead me to MIndfulness (there we go - my brain just had to follow a different path - I just had to trust the process 😉)

As part of our Sardegna Blue Zones Retreat we had a nightly practice of sharing Three things we were Grateful for each day (Gratitude is a Mindfulness Attitude) and I can now say I am deeply deeply grateful for what the experience has taught me.


My Three Gratitudes for Sardegna (I think I may go over 3!)


Davide from Dran Experience and his team – phenomenal!

You took the retreat to another level and I can't imagine doing this again without you.


Flavio, my waiter.. and friend. You said I was an explorer. An explorer not only of places but of people and their hearts. But it’s you who is truly the explorer. Who sees so much. Of people, of cultures and mysteries. Through your eyes, I learnt more of myself. And of course not to mention so much more of Sardegna as it was you who began the fascination with it’s ancient culture and hidden secrets.. then passed to Davide to incorporate into our retreat! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You may not know the impact you have on people, but although our interactions may have been limited, the conversations at the table, the advice, the care.. they weren't small, they became a huge part of my experience in Sardegna.


My guests for their trust and openness to embark on an adventure on the other side of the world. I know there are ‘tweaks’ we need to make for 2025 as you were my pioneers, my ‘early adopters’ but I can’t thank you enough for all we shared and what you also taught me. What an absolute joy it was to have you all with me.


Okay.. yep, sorry.. One more!


For being so much more beyond what I thought I knew.

Yes your beaches are stunning, as is your food culture that is more deeply rooted and more unique than I realised, your ancient history is mind-blowing (look up Nuraghic culture if you’re interested as well as Monti D’accordi), your mix of architecture, your beautiful ruggedness, but mostly, the one biggest thing I’ll take away, your people.

Generous, warm, sincere and genuine, helpful, friendly, enthusiastic.. did I mention warm?!

My heart felt a peaceful happiness and smiling from the inside out everyday was not an effort.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Until we meet again, because we will!

If you'd like to check out any of my upcoming events.. just head to my EVENTS page, (which will have a couple more for Europe 2025 added shortly 🤩)

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