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Obi Obi Homestead, Sunshine Coast Hinterland

27th - 29th October 2023

Food is Love
Incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices into your life without sacrificing your love of good food.

Are you with me?

Get ready to unleash the free-spirited, fun-loving, and fabulous you, whether it's been a tad buried of late or it's in full bloom, we're coming together to celebrate life!

Embrace those Meg Ryan movie moments, live a little, and indulge in delicious food without fear. Woohoo!

If this sounds like music to your ears, then this Retreat is just what you need.

Join me for two luxurious nights where you'll learn how to rediscover the joy of cooking, being mindful & truly living.

Just a heads up, there are only six spots available, so book in quickly! (There's an awesome Early Bird below - check it out!)

I can't wait to hang out with you and give you all the attention you deserve. Let's do this, my friend! 

And don't worry - we know you're a foodie first and foremost.


That's why we'll show you how to incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices into your life without sacrificing your love of good food.

European-style dinners served with a glass of wine are the norm, so you can enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Ultimately, my goal is to provide you with a much-needed break from your busy life. So come bask in the tranquil beauty of our countryside retreat and let us help ignite the foodie in your soul.

And, guess what?

This might just be the perfect occasion to rewrite your life the way you've always secretly wanted. 😉

Your Inclusions

  • 2 nights & 2 full days of cosy accommodation in an idyllic setting surrounded by farmland, trees, and creeks. Checking in from 4.00 pm Friday and a wonderfully late check out of 4.00 pm on Sunday 

  • Cooking workshops ~ You can join in creating each meal to learn skills to create delicious, soul-nurturing, and healthy meals at home... or you can choose to sit one out and soak up the scenery on the deck for some much-needed down-time.

  • Guided meditations, and activities to support your body & soul. 

  • All Chef Prepared meals (Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

  • An evening glass of vino (because a glass of vino in the evening has been linked to a long happy life)

  • Reiki treatment to release any blockages holding you back from creating new habits

  • Take home 'goodie bag', including recipes and a copy of 'The Blue Zones'. 

  • Cacao & Sound Inner Healing Experience with Kate Manly, Moon & Tide Gatherings.​

  • Local walk to the meandering tree-lined creeks where you might spot a platypus if you're lucky enough.

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 9.39.43 am.png

Attention all food enthusiasts!

If you're ready to explore the intricate relationship between food, emotions, body and energy, and are curious about the benefits of mindfulness and meditation, look no further. Indulge in a glass of wine, while rediscovering the true meaning of joy around the dinner table. 

This retreat offers you a complete package of relaxation, fun, joy and self-discovery

You'll be given all the tools and guidance needed to start your journey to a more mindful & joyous way of living.

Let go of the external pressures that overwhelm you and transform into a world of inner peace, well-being and Joy.. and perhaps the odd Meg Ryan moment 

Want to Create more
Meg Ryan 'moments'?

Then I invite you to join me in the Obi Obi Valley this October.

A blissful setting that allows us to fully 'drop in' and soak up the magic of the land while we immerse ourselves in some delicious alchemy in the kitchen and experience moments of bliss. 


Cooking for family and friends over the years has given me so many entertaining moments... as I see them slip into states of complete bliss. 

And whilst that seems hilarious, it's what being 'present' & Mindfulness is all about. 

Mindfulness in everyday life doesn't mean we have to give up the joy of a delicious meal shared with friends and a glass of wine. 

Think of your favourite food moment. I know you have one. 

Chances are that you were practicing the art of Mindfulness, whether you realised it or not. 


You were truly present for every mouthful, for the textures, tastes, and smells. 

Italian Food

The Food

Abundant, Nurturing, and Diverse.


When we think about what we eat and how we eat, we sometimes focus solely on the nutritional value and taste of food. This retreat will encourage you to expand your perspective and approach food in a more holistic manner, taking into account how it affects you physically, mentally, and emotionally.


The aim is to create a relaxed & fun experience where you can focus on connecting with yourself, others, and nature.

Food connects us. It connects us to each other, to the land, to traditions and culture, and to ourselves. 

This retreat is designed to deepen or even completely transform your relationship with food, using mindfulness and meditation techniques to create a more fulfilling connection with yourself and your surroundings.

We'll create some magic in our kitchen along with an evening vino around the table as we come together in love. 

Food is LOVE

Your Accommodation

Obi Obi Homestead, Obi Obi, Sunshine Coast Hinterland

As you wind your way into Obi Obi, there's a true sense of discovering a secret world in this stunning rural valley. And, so it is - the area was once considered part of the Bunya Mountains, a meeting place of Aboriginal tribes for the traditional annual harvest & feasting of Bunya Nuts.
Obi Obi Homestead borders Obi Obi Creek, the western side of Kondalilla Falls National Park & Kirbys Rd Environment Park.

The farmhouse is easily located on Obi Obi Homestead. As you head slowly up the tree lined concrete driveway to the farmhouse, lookout for well camouflaged wallabies or maybe a wandering cow. At the top, majestic Bunya & Hoop pine trees stand tall like sentries guarding the property. It's time now to let go of the day's stresses & allow yourself to be in the moment.

We are not alone on the farm - there’s abundant birdlife, wildlife, plantlife & farm animals.

You just need to stop, look & listen.

And yes, there's a pool you can take a refreshing dip in or read a book by and if you're feeling particularly adventurous, there's kayaks to paddle down the creek in.


My name is Lisa Marie Staab

Conscious Living Mentor & Mindful Foodie

I'm a Certified Mindfulness, Meditation & Wellness Mentor, Member of Meditation Australia, Reiki Master Practitioner, Trained Chef & actually also have a Diploma of International Travel - because why not right?! 

Clearly, I'm addicted to learning - in fact, it's a core value.

As is freedom, traveling and spreading some joy in the world. 

I also happen to be a mother to two (adult & teenager), am a committed life adventurer & ex-corporate chick who enjoys real food and the odd glass of wine... along with a good belly laugh. 

I've been holding regular Retreats as well as being more recently entrenched in learning and teaching the principles of the Blue Zones (think longevity) along with bringing Mindfulness Principles into everyday,  REAL LIFE.

Lisa Marie Staab
Mindfulness Foodie Retreat

​If you're ready for nurturing food, a glass of red wine, maybe some dark chocolate, with a little bit of enlightenment, then I invite you to join us to transform the way you currently do life. 

You'll walk away with renewed vitality, yet centred and calm. 

You'll get to really taste the juiciness and joy of this wonderful life. 

You'll also get my newest Recipe Ebook to recreate & share your dishes at home.

Most of all, you'll transform your relationship between food, emotions, body, and energy, and reap the plethora of benefits of mindfulness and meditation

I'm looking forward to sharing my heart, my teachings and my table with you

our guest facilitator

Kate Manly

Kate Manley is Lightworker, multi-modality Energy Intuitive, Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Teacher, Spiritual & Soul Mentor, and Sacred Space Holder.


Her path and purpose in life is to guide women on their inner journey,  back to their true essence, their divine nature, and their sacred self.


Kate has a passion for empowering women with the tools and strategies needed to live a life full of love, connection, and courage, and through strengthening their relationship with their own inner voice and wisdom.


She believes in the powerful healing properties of the sun, the moon and our natural surrounds.


Kate is the visionary and creator behind Moon & Tide Gatherings, a series of sacred women’s gatherings held regularly on the Sunshine Coast.


Her private sessions include Reiki & Shamanic-based Energy Therapy, Channelled Angel Readings, Spiritual Mentoring, Feminine Embodiment Mentoring and Bespoke Ceremonies & Blessingways.

Kate will be joining us on the Saturday evening after returning from her adventures in Peru only the day prior. I'm feeling this will be one spectacular evening.


Your Investment 

$1599AUD Single Room 

Book & Pay in Full by 
31st August
receive 15% saving

$1360 AUD  

$1399 AUD Twin/Double Share 

$1156 AUD  

Prices will automatically be adjusted after the 31st of August

Please reach out using the buttons below for Payment Plans

***Spaces are strictly Limited to 6 SPOTS ONLY***

is designed for no more than six people for a deeply immersive & transformative experience. 

Screen Shot 2023-08-09 at 9.40.20 am.png

James, Psychologist, AU

"Lisa facilitated a lovely, grounding mindfulness retreat that helped remind me about the importance of slowing down, allowing space & time for LIFE! Amazing food too."

Nancy, Creative Director, AU

This retreat helped me relax and become aware of myself.
Grateful for Lisa's wisdom & knowledge of food as well as her holistic approach to Meditation & Mindfulness.

Food was absolutely amazing! My body feels AMAZING

Alana, Manager, AU

"Blissful! I came out so relaxed and rejuvenated with new experiences and tools to take back to everyday life to be a little bit more zen and grateful."
Melbourne Revive & Reset Getaway (2).png


If for some reason you need to cancel your booking with us, the following refunds are applicable:

Prior to 30 days of retreat commencement, a 50% refund payment will be applicable.

No refunds will be applicable once inside 30 days prior to Retreat commencement however you can transfer the booking to a friend or relative.


COVID POLICY: In the event that the retreat is canceled due to Covid Restrictions, prior to departure, you’ll receive a 50% refund of all monies paid. 

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