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Happiness - The New Currency of Business Success

The Corporate Business landscape is changing and you know it. In fact you'd even perhaps be a little naive in this day and age in business if this topic hasn't come into your peripheral or even landed into your lap.

You've worked your way up the ranks and seen all types of 'fads' and attempts at restructures to create more efficient outcomes and productive staff... but you know and I know, that ultimately when it boils down to it - success comes from happy staff.

Mindfulness in the workplace is slowly creeping in, but not fast enough if you ask me.

It is a little bug-bear of mine that the wellbeing & moral levels of staff are normally addressed somewhere down the line of priorities, when in actual fact it is the one thing that can turn every thing around.

Recently I heard the term ‘pink lines’ being used, which is boardroom talk for ‘the soft stuff’, with the view was that it could probably wait until the ‘grey line’ priorities had been met such as budgets, project completions etc.

This does not make sense to me at all (in fact the language used around it is also not helpful), and some thorough education and communication with CEO’s & Executive Mangers needs to start taking effect immediately if this is happening in your office.

If happiness of staff is not taken into consideration at a higher level – companies will be left behind as employees are waking up to what's important to them, & the opportunities that are out there from companies that care.

Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders - in that order.

- Simon Senik

I was always known for my laugh in the office and mostly, it brought joy and lightness into the workplace. Even the CEO would smile and say how happy it made him feel. However, there is still an old school mentality that by being happy and having some fun, we’re not doing our work and being less productive.


Recent studies have confirmed the following:

  1. Increased Productivity

  2. Improves Creativity

  3. Encourages Collaboration

  4. Reduction in Sick Leave/Absenteeism

  5. Staff Stay!

  6. Talent Attraction

Increased Productivity

A recent study of 700+ participants showed an average increase of 12% in overall productivity, some reaching as high as 20%. That’s a significant increase if you extrapolate that out across the entire staff of a large organisation.

And why? Think engagement, motivation and psychological wellbeing. Improves Creativity

This isn’t limited to the more creative fields, this translates as problem solving & solution based thinking. It leads to the innovation most companies value but struggle to keep up with.

Encourages Collaboration

By providing situations that encourage and allow colleagues to ‘chew the fat’ in a fun and casual environment, we actually allow them the freedom to have more honest and open discussions. This often leads to innovative ideas, solutions and future projects.

Reduction in sick leave/absenteeism

One study showed that 58% of staff that reported having no fun in the workplace had on average 11+ sick days in a year. And what is the leading cause of absenteeism in the workplace?


Whether it be that they are overwhelmed and mentally unable to face the day or whether the stress has manifested as a physical illness, which it often does, it greatly contributes to sick leave.

Staff stay!

Healthier levels of staff retention are realised if staff are mostly happy in their work environment. Makes sense huh?

Talent attraction

A company that is known for a great culture and happy & engaged employees will attract the best of the talent pool available. This comes via the many lists & awards published globally recognising these organisations.

So as you can see, it’s clearly time companies started to recognise that happy and healthy staff provide a myriad of benefits to the organisation at large.

We’re already seeing the shift in many progressive organisations around the world that have implemented mindfulness & wellbeing programs into their workplace.

Perhaps it's time for your company to join the list of happy and successful business.

Lisa W Rich

A lover of wellbeing, mindfulness & a glass of good wine, Lisa is all about balance. After working as an Executive Manager for over 15 years, her own experiences showed her very clearly what does and doesn't work when it comes to loving what you do, feeling happy and enjoying what our world has to offer.

From running sales teams, coaching clients and even teaching cooking classes to create dynamic team building experiences, Lisa is always pushing the boundaries of what's possible in terms of personal development.

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